Matthias Reichl 🇦🇹

CEO REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital & Future Thinking

Matthias Reichl 🇦🇹


Matthias studied at the New Design University in "Management by Design", which includes the focus on design thinking and business model innovation. Before and during his studies he founded the app Smatterling, the brand Tau Olive Oil, developed a marketing automation software and founded the platform halloSophia, which is supported by the EU Commission. Since July 2020, Matthias works at his family company Reichl und Partner where he develops digital strategies for websites, eCommerce, marketplaces and platforms of all kinds. In December 2020, Matthias founded Reichl und Partner Future Thinking. The new unit is focussed on business model innovation, platform economy and network effects in combination with communication strategies in the age of digital transformation. In April 2021 Matthias co-founded the company Wepodit, which focuses on the conception, production and marketing of podcasts. is also a venture which founded Matthias to make business model innovation more accessible to SMEs. He is also a 2-time German Design Award Winner (2019) and won the 3rd place in his category at the world's largest startup hackathon. Furthermore Matthias was awarded with several digital Innovation awards. In 2021 the family company founded a HealthTech Startup called where he is supporting the corporate startup as a CTO. Matthias combines the fields of design, technology, innovation and management, resulting in services and products that are carefully thought out and consistently implemented.

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