Lukas Etter 🇨🇭

VC Investor & Partner | Blockchain Expert | Startup Mentor

Lukas Etter 🇨🇭


Lukas is an expert in Entrepreneurship, Blockchain Technology, and Venture Capital Investing and has a critical understanding of how new technologies and business models could innovate. Lukas combines top university education with an accumulated 10+ years of international professional experience at renowned companies active in (tech) investment banking (Credit Suisse) and VC & PE fund investing (LGT Capital Partners). Over the past 3 years Lukas helped to build up an early-stage tech VC firm where is a Partner and responsible for sourcing, analyzing, and executing investments in Blockchain Technology startups and the hands-on support thereof afterwards. Over the past decade, Lukas has built an extensive knowledge and network in the Swiss as well as international startup & VC investor ecosystem. Lukas has been actively (angel) investing for the past 5 years conducting 30+ startup investments on a combined level – mainly in software & technology driven businesses from various sectors (esp. focus on blockchain & fintech). He also mentored numerous startups, focusing primarily on fundraising and business development matters. Lukas is an active mentor at the F10 Incubator & Accelerator in Zurich, at the Tomahawk VC StartupJams, and in the R3 Venture Development Program. Lukas holds an M.A. HSG in Finance & Accounting and a B.A. HSG in Business & Entrepreneurship, both from University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland.

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